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Latest news! Save money! Now you can buy the lamp cords with decimal. Example 1.8 meters

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We sell only through the website  - parts of ENEC certified lamps.

Here you will find a wide and deep product range, that is, many different categories of objects, each product group available in several models.

Sweden's largest selection?

  • Lamp cord
  • lighting Chain
  • Lamp holder
  • Threaded lamp tube fittings

Where are our lamp parts produced?

  • Czech Republic crystal crystals, glass parts and chandeliers
  • Sweden plastic products, lamp cords, lamp chain, metal parts, chemical articles
  • Norway lamp cords
  • Denmark lamp cords, chemical articles
  • Italy lamp chains, metal parts, pipe nipples, lamp cords, lamp holders
  • Germany lamp holder, metal parts, tools
  • USA some metal details with isp thread, tools


We accept no responsibility if our electrical items do not comply with your local regulations. For example, the plugs are still different within the EU. Ask us - we will help to find out.

Note! all cables are sold per running meter

 binding thread sold per running meter 

Note! Lamp chain sold per DECIMETER and welded chain is sold per running meter


Last posted lamp parts
pipe nipples10-1000mm 50 items
Lamp chains 30 items
Right now, article texts are being updated to lamp holders
Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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