Strain relief for lamp cord

This page presents the articles and what they are used for and why. It is obvious to you who are experienced, but we also turn to the completely new arrivals in the area.

But it is so sad that we have seen in some public milieu that one has ignored the strain relief as the lamp holders hang freely in the lamp cords.

So we take it from the start. The purpose of a strain relief is to:

Prevent the lamp cord from unplugging from its power source (plug) or energy receiver (lamp holder) during continuous pulling or involuntary heavy load.

Strain relief: tensile relief is available in a variety of variants, some of which also act as a lifting brace. Several are at the same time a socket - extension nipple. The function is that in the event of a possible pull or under continuous tensile loading of the lamp cord, the bracket at the electrical connection should be prevented. If you want to mount and hang a lamp holder in a cord - which is popular to do - then you should use a suitable strain relief.

A plug and other connectors have their tension relief built in.

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Cord Grommet

Can be anything. Something that in one way or another mainly protects the electrical cord from damage to abrasion wear. Cable insertion holds the power cord in place.

A metal flange nipple may not prevent abrasion - so it is advisable to supplement with a so-called. end cap.

Cord Grommet



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