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Our Lamp Cords are approved and documented. The lamp cords are sold per running meter wrapped in rolls called bobbins.

The cables are divided into:

Connection cord is a single conductor that is used to connect to another cord or to plug in connectors. The cord is now also available as extra thin about 1x0.5mm², which facilitates drawing in the light arms of a crystal chandelier or the light arms of the ore chandelier.

Next submenu we have the usual cord for table lamps floor lamps ceiling lamps wall lamps. The lamp wires here are 2-conductors where each wire has an area of ​​0.75mm² which is the lowest allowed. The lamp cords are double insulated and may lie loosely on the floor and ceiling.

Now we come to 3-conductor, which is a lamp cord with 3 conductors, one of which is used for protective grounding. The wires are colored brown blue and striped yellow / green. This is important. The cable that is two-color yellow / green may only be used / connected to protective ground. This is so important that you will come across this point several times here.

Textile cord is nice to use to get a nice feel on a lighting fixture. Textile cord is round 2-conductor, round-3-conductor, twisted 2-conductor and twisted 3-conductor. We stock original textile cord for PH5 ceiling light

Cord racks are some menus where the introduction is the usual cord with plug. Corded stand with plug and switch.

The last menu is corded for ceiling lamp mounting. Surely you have happened to buy a lighting where the connecting cord is missing. This is because the luminaires are manufactured to be more easily adapted to different countries' lamps.

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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