Our lamp workshop on Södermalm Stockholm, Sweden


Here comes the background to what we are today.

My name is Björn Östervall and I did my first lamp renovation at the age of 12 at home in the garage. Hence the name Lampgaraget. It was my mother's crystal chandelier. Later, I worked as assistant department manager at the famous NK Stockholm lighting department store.


Not only in Sweden - we have also completed assignments in Finland. And still do.

Every illumination, whether it is a simple newer table lamp or a crystal chandelier from the 18th century, we put our soul to work. We know that your luminaire can have a high affect value and we treat your lamp with awe and respect - this is where we stand out from most others.

We have the genuine feeling in our work.


What does this have to do with the lamp parts in the webshop?

Yes, we have a high level of expertise and can give our customers good guidance and service so that they choose the right material and parts for their lamp repair and lamp design.

Welcome to the new Trevon -  the lamp parts Superstore


Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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