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Lamp holder E14

Lamp holder E14 also called in everyday language - small mounting - is available in a number of different designs, smooth lamp holders, threaded lamp holders, high lamp holders and lamp holders with built-in grounding screw. All lamp holders on this side have the mounting bracket M10x1mm nipple thread. But we start by presenting the 3 parts of the lamp holder - if we think of the lamp holder standing with the light source upwards:

KALOTT The lower part is called a kaleot and is found in there in 3 versions. (a) Low standard calotte, which is the most common. b) high calotte which is suitable when you want to parallel with 2x2 wires in the lamp holder when the space is larger. c) high truss with built-in grounding screw and is really handy to use, for example, in the center part of a baroque crown when you get a simple comfortable ground inclination. You only need one that has an earth screw and the others you can use ordinary with high calotte. You just need one ground connection point for grounding

INSTALL PART The insert part is the part inside the lamp holder where you connect the cord. To think about here is to put the insert part right in the lamp holder so that it does not slip or lie high in the trough. Another detail to remember is that all approved lamp holders have on the insert part a locking lug which is designed to lock the 3rd part of the lamp holder MANTEL to prevent involuntary unloading. Check where it is for mounting so you feel comfortable if you need to remove the lamp holder.

MANTEL The mantle is then the upper part where the light source is screwed in and is available in 2 designs. a) smooth jacket b) threaded jacket. The threaded lamella holder is intended to be able to mount a lamp shade with complement of the screen rings that you see on this page. But many people choose the threaded design for the sake of appearance where it can be "tougher look"

Produced by: Wikinggruppen

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